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Dia.Lo.Gue Playground 1st Exhibition




Saturday, Feb 20 2016 at 3:30 pm
officiated by Krisnina Tandjung
at Dia.Lo.Gue
Jl. Kemang Selatan 99a

21th Feb – 13th Mar 2016

Anggun & Damien Priambodo
Davy & Jia Linggar
Tina & Mirko Maladi
Sanchia Hamidjaja, Ardi Gunawan & Rei
Nindityo & Mella Jaarsma
Tisna Sanjaya & Zico Albaiquni
Ahmad, Wendy, Najda & Fikra Djuhara
Eko, Anane Janna, Anele Fatiha Priharseno & Audrey Bernanda
Leonard, River & Skye Theosabrata
Max & Odetta Suriaganda
Monika Irayati & Imron Zuhri

Mia Maria



It’s never too early to introduce children to art.

Dia.lo.gue Playground, a new art program coming on February 2016 from Dia.lo.gue Artspace where families, children and adults can explore the fun side of art in any form of expressions. The artworks are mostly created by collaborations between couples, parents and their children. You may be surprised as the selected participants come from diverse backgrounds, not only from the arts.

Playground is a place where kids play. It is an entrance for them to build their imagination, get inspired, and create exciting journeys through playing. Inspired by this concept of interactive play, Dia.lo.gue Playground provides a new platform for everyone of all ages to develop their creativity and discover the artist within them. Let the exhibitions inspire you and your kids to build an interactive play lifestyle at home.


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Designers need to think about others for the sake of improving the human existence. What we have received is a gracious blessing. Without it, we are nothing. Which is why we need to give it back.

Yongky Safanayong