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Yale MFA Graphic Design 2008



Every year, the graduating class of graphic design students at Yale get together to show off their work in a 4-day exhibition. More often than not, this sort of exhibit itself becomes the work, leaving the thesis work and prior years assignments as second class citizens in the setting of art gallery city, population designers. I am pretty excited to see that the upcoming exhibit appears to present an equal balance of conceptual navigation with thoughtful presentation (not to mention some fantastic things by fantastic people).

The show title can be found along this page (This site will be updated more often as the date gets closer – human web-cam style).

Julian Bittiner
Stina Carlberg
Tomas Celizna
Daniel Harding
Dawn Joseph
Jin-Yeoul Jung
Emily Larned
Lan Lan Liu
Thomas Manning
Ken Meier
Kyungmin Oh
Bethany Powell
Nicholas Rock
Stewart Smith
Fan Wu
David Yun
& Roxane Zargham

May 10–14, 2008
Opening May 10, 7pm
Green Hall Gallery, 1156 Chapel St., New Haven, CT

Source: The Style Press


The fate of a designer is not determined by the public system, but by the way he sees his own life

Surianto Rustan