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ADGI Jakarta:
Designers’ Response



Responded by
Agra Satria 
Cecil Mariani
Desain Grafis Indonesia
Eric Widjaja
Henricus Linggawidjaja
Hanny Kardinata
Mulie Addlecoat
Sandy Karman
Whiteboard Journal
Yasser Rizky

Music Performance
W_Music – Ken & Mar

Member Gathering
3.30 pm

Exhibition Opening
6.30 pm



“What Jakarta Can Do Through Design”
Exhibition Opening & Gathering

The gathering is the 1st gathering & exhibition in 2015 prepared by the new ADGI (Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia) Jakarta chapter. In this gathering, ADGI would like to introduce few new things of their programs and current progress of the new organization to the members. Following the 30 influencers campaign from ADGI Jakarta Chapter, ADGI invited the 10 influencers to present their interpretations of what designers can do to make Jakarta a better city which will be communicated through posters. This event is intended to inspire ADGI members and public on how design could bring great impacts to the city.



Designers’ Response is a regular event by Adgi Jakarta Chapter; held to accommodate creative people in responding prevalent issues.

ADGI (Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia) is a member-based professional organization. Now led by Zinnia Sompie, the team is now preparing lot of things including a new organizational structure, a new identity, legal, as well as conducting various collaborations with important companies such as: associations and government. Adjusting for a better ADGI Jakarta, the chapter was reformed in September 2014. ADGI Jakarta is now run by Rege Indrastudianto as Chairman, Fandy Susanto as Director of Communication, Max Suriaganda as Director of Programs, and Timothy Oroh as Director of Development. During 2015, ADGI Jakarta Chapter will conduct several programs, including: design talks, workshops, and numbers of exhibitions which will involve other national associations. In this gathering, ADGI Jakarta intends to promote their programs and campaign from 10 influencers from Jakarta. This campaign aims to gain public awareness on the importance of the graphic design (as a profession), as graphic designers are recalled to embrace their role to improve the city of Jakarta.



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