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Contest: The Attraction

What a contest is it?
We have organized a contest of graphic design in the cooperation with prominent Czech designers which is dedicated to all public (not only to professionals). Received posters will be exhibited in the futuristic foyer of the Alfa cinema in Sokolov. All participants will be rewarded.

For whom is the contest?
Everybody can take part in the contest, no matter whether a professional or an amateur. The contest is not only for our region citizens. Works from abroad are welcome. We suppose that the author will most of the time be a human, however, in case there is a talented fly flying in your house, tell it about our web site.

What are the rules of every work?
The poster must reflect the main topic of this year which is attraction as a place or thing that draws visitors by providing something of interest or pleasure.

The poster has to contain following informations:

1. logo (download from this address)
2. day and time: Sokolov, kino Alfa, 10. 10. – 12. 10. 2008
3. topic of this year: Attraction

The technique of your work is not set and limited.

Please, send us your works at this address, until 5. 9. 2008. Received works will be exhibited in the futuristic foyer of the Alfa cinema in Sokolov, from 1. 10. 2008 until 14. 10. 2008. An opening vernissage is going to take part by the opening ceremony of The Film Sokolov 10. 10. 2008.

How and where to send your works?
Please, send us your works in the A2 formate, 3 mm over print, bit maps 150 dpi. The file must have max. 10MB. In case your work has more than 10MB, use our repository.
Please, send works up to 10MB at this email address: info@filmsokolov.cz. Works, containing more than 10MB can be deposited here.

1st Film Sokolov
Topic: Hero


2nd Film Sokolov
Topic: Sound


3rd Film Sokolov
Topic: Musical

4th Film Sokolov
Topic: Horror

5th Film Sokolov
Topic: Body

6th Film Sokolov
Topic: Normalization

7th Film Sokolov
Topic: The Scam


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