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LeBoYe Logos Design in Logo Lounge 4


Five of LeBoYe logos design for various projects & clients (Samuel Securities, IndoCargoMas, The Park, Balepare and LeBoYe Shop) were included in one of the best-selling international logo design book: Logo Lounge 4, published by Rockport Publisher in February 2008.

Each judge reviewed thousands of logos from around the world. With a total of over 28,000 logos judged, the judges chose 2,000 and the final collection is not only an excellent point-in-time examination, it is full to the brim with inspiration, higher thinking, and craftsmanship.

Eight of the judges from world class brand designers were including:
Louis Lygo of Wolff Olins, England
Jerry Kuyper of Jerry Kuyper Partners, Connecticut
Jason Schulte of Jason Schulte Design, California
Gaby de Abreu of Switch Branding & Design, South Africa
Haley Johnson of Haley Johnson Design, Minnesota
Jeff Knowles of Research Studios, England
Janet Martin of Communication Arts, Inc., Colorado
and Chris Campbell of Interbrand, California

To see more LeBoYe portfolio please visit our website: LeBoYe

To see some the pages of the book please open attached PDF file: logolounge-41

To purchase this book (LogoLounge 4), click this direct link to Amazon

About Logo Lounge Book 4

The fourth volume in the best-selling Logo Lounge series provides 2,000 totally new logos from designers worldwide. This book, like the previous titles in the series, is compiled in association with LogoLounge.com, a website that was launched by Bill Gardner in 2002. The site is dedicated to logos. Top designers and design firms are handpicked and invited to be “foundation members”. Foundation and website members each supply multiple logos to the site. Each Logo Lounge book presents thousands of new logos that have been added to the site, providing designers with an invaluable source for design inspiration and a resource for design solutions.

Check out more about Logo Lounge and please visit: Logo Lounge


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