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News: Project Management & Leadership Training “Developing Climate Solution”

Project Management & Leadership Training

Dear Indonesian Young Designers,

Our apology if you have received this information before.

We are glad to invite you, young leaders age 20-35, to apply to our* **Project Management and Leadership Training* for young leaders on climate change, which will be held in Indonesia, 24-29 August 2008.

Following the successful AYLCF http://www.britishcouncil.org/indonesia-society-aylcf-2007?mtklink=indonesia-society-aylcf-2007.htm event we held last December, this 5-day capacity-building programme is designed to give participants the skill they need to conduct a climate change-related project after the event. Seed funding is also available to participants with the best projects.

The participants will be from 7 countries in East Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea, and Australia whose backgrounds are media, corporate, education, government, and education.

Please be advised that British Council will cover all of the expenses (transport, meals, accommodation, etc) of the selected participants.

If you are interested to join the programme, all you have to do is just to submit the online application which is available in our website www.britishcouncil.or.id or you can click here http://bcnow60.org/cpmt/form.php. You can also read the programme’s details there.

Please fulfil the online application in 20 July 2008 at the latest so that we can select the best candidates to represent the each country in the training. Shall you have any enquiry, don’t hesitate to contact us: pmt@britishcouncil.or.id

Kindly forward this information to your contacts, partners and friends who are keen to apply.

We look forward to receiving application from Indonesian Young Designers

Thank you and best regards

Project Management and Leadership Training Team

British Council

T: +62 (0)21 515 5561
F: +62 (0)21 515 5562
E: pmt@britishcouncil.or.id
W: www.britishcouncil.or.id

The British Council is a registered charity 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). Our purpose is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UK’s creative ideas and achievements.


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