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The Branding Delirium

It’s a showcase, an update and a get-together for brand believers (brand practitioners, branding enthusiasts and branding mavens).



Friday, 18 April 2008 (From 13.00 upto 20.00)
Venue: Capitol Hall, Manhattan Hotel
(Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. #01, Casablanca Kuningan – Jakarta)

Branding, both in its common and specific term, has been playing a major role in elevating the relationship between products/services with the users that results transactions. From head to toe and from dusk till dawn, one individual in some manner is acknowledged and associated to a who by recognizing the brands on his body and in his mind.

In this seminar, you will be updated with latest trends and branding strategies of national and international brands, thus will keep you inspired.


(Country Director The Brand Union Indonesia) on:
Tactical Formula of ReBorn, ReLaunch and ReBranding

(Managing Director The Brand Union Singapore) on:
Play Globally Local or Locally Global?>

(C.E.O First Media Group Singapore) on:
Elevating Singapore Brand Value


(Head of Consultant Octobrand Indonesia) on:
Measuring Branding Effectiveness

(C.E.O Semut Api Colony) on:
Branding Vs. Marketing

Supported by (progressive):

Rp.600.000/person (no minimum seat policy)

Brandster Indonesia
Hotline: (022) 7071 8703 / 0819 3124 8200.
Email: brandsterindonesia@gmail.com
Secretary office: Sanjaya Motor Buildling 3rd Floor, Jl. Ibu Inggit Garnasih 136 Bandung

Payment account (transfer in unique amount e.g. 1.200.088):
BCA No. 346 141 9991 (Agustinus Candra)



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The event “Branding Delirium”

1) “Measuring Branding Effectiveness” by Sumardy (Octobrand Indonesia)
Dinamika branding telah menjadi salah satu strategi penting bagi siapapun untuk memantapkan identitasnya di masyarakat, mulai dari yang paling personal hingga mass product. Setelah berbagai aktivitas branding dipraktekkan, pertanyaan penting kembali pada “how to measure its effectiveness?”. Dalam sesi ini, peserta akan dibawa pada analisa praktis dan tools untuk kepentingan tersebut.

2) “Elevating Singapore Brand Value” by Mark Phooi (First Media Group Singapore)
First Media yang sudah aktif selama 17 tahun di Singapura akan share berbagai hal penting yang membuat berbagai brand internasional berposisi kuat, sekaligus mengajak peserta untuk mencermati berbagai strategi bagaimana brand Singapore berdiri kokoh hingga sekarang.

3) “Branding Vs. Marketing” by Danny Wirianto (Semut Api Colony)
Sesi ini bukan bertujuan mengajarkan peserta perbedaan branding dan marketing, tapi lebih advance kepada suatu fresh insight menyikapi kondisi pasar yang sangat cluttered.

4) “Tactical Formula of ReBrand, ReLaunch and ReBranding” by Daniel Surya (Brand Union Indonesia)
Tanpa perlu disebutkan satu per satu, sering kita amati berbagai brand di sekeliling kita yang kurang mantap dalam proses peremajaannya, terutama menghadapi pesaing2 baru yang lebih sexy, lebih agresif dan lebih nyleneh. Apa-apa saja yang perlu dihindari saat melakukan ReBrand, ReLaunch dan ReBranding? Di sesi ini, peserta akan dibawa pada point2 penting yang krusial saat proses peremajaan akan dilakukan.

5) “Play Globally Local or Locallly Global?” by Jacqueline Thng (Brand Union Singapore)
Saat sebuah brand ditempatkan di masyarakat, berbagai persepsi akan segera tercipta. Di sesi ini, peserta akan dibawa pada paparan tentang apa saja formula penting saat sebuah brand akan dibawa ke kancah internasional. Apakah bermain global dengan membawa keunikan lokal? Ataukah bermain lokal dengan membawa image “ini barang import”?



The mavens at a glance

Sumardy (Head of Consultant, Octobrand Indonesia)
Sumardy is a Head of Consultant of Octovate Consulting Group that comprise of brand consultancy, creative marketing consultant, consumer insight and training company. He has extensive years of consultancy experience in the area of brand marketing, strategic marketing, creative marketing and delivers lot of public seminar and trainings to various companies and industries. Marketing & Branding Strategy Development (Selected clients: BRI, Bank Niaga, Trimegah Telkom, Bakrieland, Premier, Bali Province, Department of Tourism Republic of Indonesia Telkomsel, Indosat).


Mark Phooi (CEO, First Media Group Singapore)
During this 18 years’ span of business building, Mark has successfully trained, coached and mentored more than 50 partners through his iconic ‘Design+Management’ practice. Bearing a strong testimony to Mark’s brand of teaching methodologies, many of his ‘students’ have become successful business owners, now operating their own respective design communication outfits in Singapore and across the region.


Danny Wirianto (Founder/CEO, Semut Api Colony)
Danny Wirianto has spearheaded the creation and formation of SemutApi Colony. He now oversees its business and strategic development while keeping abreast of marketing and technological innovations that affect the marketplace.

Danny Wirianto’s client roster includes Djarum Super, Hyundai Motor, Samsung, Sinar Mas, LG, Anker Beer, Bank Niaga, to name a few. Danny Wirianto has held lead roles for project creation, strategize and maintain client relationships. Often Danny Wirianto also contributes articles to magazines and be a guest speaker to campuses and education seminars.

Prior to joining SemutApi Colony, Danny Wirianto held a variety of positions at Agency.com. He led the initiative to open a joint venture office in Seoul, Korea. While at Agency.com, Danny Wirianto was responsible for both in-house and client projects. He oversaw creative direction, marketing strategy, information architecture and managed the projects from inception to deployment.

Danny Wirianto holds a BFA with honors from the Kendall College of Art and Design.


Daniel Surya (Country Director, Brand Union Indonesia)
Daniel who has agency and client-side experience, is the Country Director of The Brand Union Indonesia & Brunei. Before joining The Brand Union, he was with Landor as chief of the country and Program Director of Addison Design Consultants.?Now, with The Brand Union, Daniel is working on Bank Mandiri, PLN Batam, Merpati, Bintang Toejoe, Dharmala Intiland, The Celup Sosro and many others.

Daniel is one of the architects in pioneering branding in Indonesia where he has helped a diverse range of clients to re-brand & brand their corporation and products in Indonesia, Clients including Astra International, Indofood, Bank Danamon, BNI, Bank International Indonesia, Astragraphia, Trakindo, Aspira, Astraworld, Danone, LKDI, Sari Husada, JAS Airport Services, Unilever, Medco Energi, Orang Tua Group, Indosat, Pertamina, Kalbe, Smart Telco and TVS motor are to name a few.


Jacqueline Thng (Managing Director, Brand Union Singapore)
Prior to joining The Brand Union, Jacqueline garnered some 17 years of strategic brand consultancy experiences as Consulting Director of Lexis Branding (formerly Lexicon) and Senior Consultant / Business Development Manager of Addison.

Jacqueline has led and consulted on a diverse range of corporate, consumer and retail branding projects on both a global and regional scale, including Octopus Lifestyle Card for the Hong Kong transport consortium of MTRC, KCRC and Kowloon Bus, Singapore Petroleum Retail Stations, China Airlines, Fraser & Neave, Kao Corporation, P&G, Sara Lee Corporation, Vertu, CapitaMall Trust, Danone Group, Bandai Japan, Motorola, SemCorp, Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Century Group, FairPrice, DelgroComfort, Allco (Australia), The Times Group, Lippoland, Bakrie, ABC Foods, Shell, BP, Citibank, United Engineers and DBS Bank.

Media Partner
SWA Sembada, MIX Marketing Xtra, BUSINESSWEEK Indonesia, Majalah FRANCHISE Indonesia, Majalah CONCEPT, Majalah BRANDNA, Majalah CAKRAM.


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