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The Two Good News from LeBoYe


> One of LeBoYe Works at The Big Book of Logos 5.

Typography 28, The Annual of the Type Directors Club for the 53rd annual juried exhibition of applied typography (TDC53) has been published by Collins Design early 2008. The Type Directors Club is prominent for its cutting-edge winning designs in which 2,043 entries from 34 countries took part to set the models of excellence and innovation in the use of type design. We are delightful to let you know that LeBoYe artwork, Sebastian Gunawan Invitation, was selected to be published in the Typography 28 among the 215 winners. Taking the Rendezvous theme, the Sebastian Gunawan Invitation unfolded to playfully reveal a virtual 3D setting of people from the early Art Deco era similarly looks like the stereoscopes that were popular in the 19th century.

Another good news is that 34 of LeBoYe logos were also selected and published in the series of The Big Book of Logos 5 (February 2008). From those 34 logos, the clients are Kayu Manis Private Villas, Tranpacific Group, The Summit, The Kew, To-ye, Bali Desa, Andra Matin Architect, 2nd bite, Elite, Bika, Rasuna Epicentrum, Galeri Inggil, Kartika Soekarno Foundation, Kembang Goela, Bale Pare, Tauzia, Pavilions, Meradelima, Samuel Security, Braga Citywalk, Java Books and many more.

Check out the Sebastian Gunawan Invitation and the 34 logos from LeBoYe from the PDF Files.

Click the direct link to acquire all information about Typography 28 from amazon

And The Big Book of Logos 5


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