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1,000 Music Graphics: A compilation of packaging, posters, and other sound solutions


And now it’s time for music, and there isn’t any other book that shows the best music graphics from the recent years other than 1000 Music Graphics published by Rockport. It is a compilation of packaging design, posters, T-shirts, websites and anything else related to music…..and it is very gratifying that from “Over a Small Cup of Tea” project, LeBoYe can be a part of the contributors among the Sagmeister Inc (USA) that designed the CD cover for David Byrne and Skeleton Key, Me Company LTD (UK) for Bjork, as well as Four5One (Ireland) for U2 and many more. This book is definitely a collector’s item of all types of graphically appealing album artwork covering all kinds of music for designers, musicians or just simply music lovers.


Source: LeBoYe Newsletter May 2008


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