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“How many of us belong to only one culture”


Dear designers,

We invite you to express your freedom of expression with your creations on design or other possible medium of expression. Send your freedom of expression to respond theme “How many of us belong to only one culture” for World Press Freedom Day. Send your expression on writing, design, photographs, poem and any possibly expression. Send your expression on digital work to bookin1day@gmail.com not more than 1 mega byte.

Your work will be in 1 book with other people’s expression from around the world. For more information regarding this program please see LOESJE and 1 DAY.

Best regards,
Ayip/Matamera Communications

On the 3rd of May 2008, World Press Freedom Day, many actions and workshops will take place in different countries around the world. Every action will have concrete results and works with artistic means. This also counts for the local workshops. The final result will be a book that will be spread around the world.

The overall topic is: freedom of expression (that includes freedom of speech, press freedom, opinion forming and making) and to work in every country with a main artistic mean such as: music, video, photography, theatre, creative writing, street art and painting, graphical and digital design and dance and movements

Aims of the project
With the project Loesje wants to promote intercultural learning, communication and cooperation by creating a collective book and dvd. Next to that Loesje wants to promote freedom of expression and free speech as essential human rights and to empower people to make use of it, by giving creative writing workshops, writing and publishing on the topic and to promote World Press Freedom Day.

World Press Freedom Day
World Press Freedom Day is an opportunity to remind the world of the importance of protecting the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, as stated in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Without these rights, democracy cannot prevail and development remains unattainable.

The United Nation decided in 1993 to held an annual world press freedom day on the 3rd of May.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are essential for the work Loesje is doing. She makes use of these rights herself and she encourages and stimulates others to make use of these rights.

Visit UNESCO’s website for more information on World Press Freedom Day.

Posted by Ayip/Matamera Communications


“Seorang desainer harus memiliki keberpihakan pada konteks membangun manusia Indonesia. Peka, tanggap, berwawasan, komunikatif adalah modal menjadikan desainnya sebagai alat perubahan”

Arif 'Ayib' Budiman