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D&AD Awards 2008



What the judges look for
In Idea categories D&AD Judges are asked to consider three things. Firstly, the work must be a highly original and inspiring idea. Secondly, it must be exceptionally well executed. Thirdly, it must be relevant to its context.

In Craft categories, like Sound Design or Typography work is judged primarily on the strength of the specific craft and then on how it contributes to the success of the idea and the piece as a whole.

300 of the world’s leading creatives gather in London to judge the 25,000 pieces of work entered. The judges sit on 30 specialist juries, spending up to four days assessing the work. Voting is always private and never by a show of hands.

In-Book – Best of the Year
Judges initially vote the best work of the year into the prestigious D&AD Annual. The jury votes without discussion; over 50% of judges must vote for an entry for it to go in.
Nomination – Shortlisted
The jury next select work that rises above In-Book standard and is worthy of consideration for a Yellow Pencil.
The Yellow Pencil – Creative Excellence
Yellow Pencils are awarded for creative excellence, and are selected from the Nominations. Judges leave unaware of the final Yellow Pencil results. There are no set number awarded. In fact, sometimes a jury might not award any.
The Black Pencil – Groundbreaking
Work that receives a Yellow Pencil progresses to Black Pencil Judging. Black Pencil juries are split into Advertising, Digital and Design, each made up of the Foreman and Deputy Foreman of each jury. Black Pencils are only awarded to work that is groundbreaking or redefines its medium. These high standards are reflected in the awards’ tough requirements: 50% or more of the relevant jury need to vote for an entry for it to win a Black Pencil.

The Pencil-winning work will be announced at the D&AD Awards Ceremony on Thursday 15 May 2008 at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Order your tickets today.



1. Check your work is eligible
Make sure your work was commercially released for the first time between 1 January 2007 and 31 December 2007. Work can be entered into as many categories as you choose. It can be entered singularly and as part of a campaign. Work can only be entered into each category once. If you collaborated on a piece of work with another company or individual, please make sure they haven’t entered it into the same categories as you.

2. Choose the right categories
Use the Category & Price Guide on this site to help you choose Categories. Check our FAQs and download the Formatting Guide PDF for concise formatting instructions.

3. Enter Online
The Entry Site is designed so that you can create your entries in stages and allows you to stop and start the entry process. You can add to, amend or delete your entries at any point up until payment. This Entry Site Demonstration explains each step of the online entry process and a step-by-step guide is available on the Entry Site.

4. Submit your work
There are a number of ways to submit work and these are specific to the category you are entering. Instructions for submitting entries are available on the Entry Site.

5. Wait for the results
If the work you have entered is successful you will be contacted by email during the week beginning 14 April.

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