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Golden Bee 8: Moscow International Biennale of Graphic Design

1 September 2008 – 12 September 2008


Academy of Graphic Design (Icograda Member)
Alma Mater Publishers
Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (Icograda Education Network Member)
Moscow Art College of Applied Arts
Russian State Library
Society of Designers International Association (Icsid Member)

Entry Categories
1. Posters: Posters of all kinds and genres
2. Futurism 100: Any graphic design projects devoted to 100-years anniversary of futurism
3. New Cyrillic 300: Any graphic design projects devoted to 300-years anniversary of reform of cyrillic

Competitions Terms
• Works of 2006-2008.
• No special format or printing technique are required.
• No participation fee.
• Number of entries unlimited

31 May 2008

International Jury
Irma Boom, Netherlands
Yuri Gulitov, Russia
Dan Reisinger, Israel
Leonardo Sonnoli, Italy
Massimo Vignelli, USA
Martin Woodtli, Switzerland

Grand Prix
Golden Bee Award Diplomas
Special Awards

Awards Ceremony
The awards ceremony will take place on 10 September 2008 at 18:00 in the Central House of Artists Concert Hall

A full-colour catalogue will be published prior to the opening of Biennale.
Participants will receive 50% discount of the original price.

Russia 119019 Moscow, Vozdvizhenka 3/5, Russian State Library
Centre of Public Relations
E: serov@dubki.ru

Source: Icograda


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